jump the rails

an austria / usa-connection

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jump the rails ... well, this is just a line of a a little poem,
written in sankt petersburg / russia. there is something crossing borders ...

Jennifer Becker / Baltimore
"Six Object"

Coco Gordon / New York
"Ten Howls When There Were Sweet Fifteen"

Coco Gordon / New York
"Thomas Berry: The Great Work"

Douglas Hoagg / New York
"Ten Pastels"

On That War

The vanishing Gallery / Internet
Featuring: Jennifer Becker (USA), Walpurga Ortag-Glanzer (A), Douglas Hoagg (USA), Martin Krusche (A), Joseph Schützenhöfer (A), David Staretz (A)

The Lafayette-Suite

Sixth Annual Conference / Easton, Pennsylvania
... on Austrian Literature and Culture
"Visions and Visionaries in Literature and Film of Modern Austria"